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Tri-City Monument was founded in 1950 by John J. Kush, Sr. In 1984, John J. Kush, Jr. (better known as J.J.) took over his father's business and in 2013, the business was passed on to the third generation, Joshua Kush.


Tri-City Monument is one of the few monument businesses that do everything on site, from the designs, to the hand cut stencil, and sandblasting.  Most monument manufacturers are using computers and other machinery to complete the project.  At Tri-City Monument, creating a monument is a work of art, and requires skilled craftsmanship. 


“I had a heart headstone done for my mom and dad and it was beautiful. I would highly recommend them.”

Diana Sloan

“My dads headstone was done 17 years ago an it still looks new. I just give it a good scrubbing every year. The black hasn't chipped out of the lettering either. Amazing work.”

Crystal Reisinger Hadden

“The Kush family has made several beautiful monuments for various family members including one recently for my husband."


​Gloria Smith

Drive Carefully...we can wait!"